Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I HATEEEEEE MATHS !!!!!!!!!!!! :p !!!!!!!!!!!!!

If  and if  at all  god grants  me a wish  ... i   would  request him  to  screww the   great  person  who created  sumthing called maths!!!!!  " no offence math lovers!!1 " man  i literally  sleep of in  every math  class  !!!!! the  book  math is  only ment  to create  problems in my life cause  the  book itself contains  problemss!!!!  lol  ..!!!!"sigh" ..!!! the  day  i end  up gettin  a  90 in  math  the whole  world  would  blow up in suprise!!! lol kiddin !!!!   anywayzz  finallyy  gettinn  rid  of math   foreva in  2 months  yippeee..!!!!!!!!

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