Saturday, February 20, 2010

my sweett doggg.. :) sophiee..

:)....... there is  an  old  sayin " a dog is a  mans best friend.. "  do i say  my swweeeettt  swweeeeettt  doggiee is myy bestyyy...  itzz sooo  sweeett  .... cute felllooww.//  hiss  soo hyperrr.. !!!!  man   if he  jumps  on e i would be  nowhere... lol i  neva  knew   even dogs  get jealous  if  the person it loves  go zz  and plays  wit  sum other dog ....  hezz  suchh  a  sweettyy  .. i juzz  miiss  his fuunnyy sweeet trickss.... ":)...... .... hez in indiaa now  and i  miss himm aroundd  sooo muchhh ..... :(  .. "sigh "..... anywayzz ... im soonn  goonnna seee  himm :)

lol  after he getz  his  snack he   ends up hidin  under my legs!!!!! 

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