Saturday, February 20, 2010

valentines day

hmmm   valentines day  commonlyy known  to be celebrated only by couples.....  is veryy   famous around.. :).... but i say  the wholee   feelin  abt bein  celebrated   only ... couples  is  sooo wrongg/ :P ..!!!!!  love a four letter  word is  a feeling shared by every one...  a feeling  shared by    guy to  a  gal... a  brother to sister... between   parents and there childernnn..  and   people  in ur familyy.. and  friends.... and lotz  more.... :)... i see sum  people  who  end  up  .. so  weird on valentines  day  showinn off  which is  soo not true....  :P lol.... i feel   when  theres   true between  two persons  every day  of  der life would be  a  valentines dayyy.... 

on my valentines day on feb 14 th  2010 .. many things  happened  .. my mom and dad  gave  a swwett  teady bear  like me and my brother . and  expressed  there  bundles of love  for us.. :)

one  of ma  close  frnd  opene up franklyy.. and  spoke  how  close im  to himm. which  was so swwettt of himm.. :)...  and  many one of my best  told me howw muchhh   close frnd  am i  to her and  how i  helped  her through out our 2 yrs of frndshipp and  how  much she  trusts  me and  cares  abt me and  how she can   trust  and  rely on me...  :)   dis  was day  .. i  felt so  that valentiness  day not only belongs  to couples and   bf and gf but everyonee.. so  guyzz and  galzz....  :) always  keep  smilinnn.. and makee  a 1000  ppl  smile  :)

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