Wednesday, February 17, 2010

life in kennedy :)

sweet memories that never fade away as if they have happened  yesterday .In  this life of mine that  passes  by every day my grade 10 was the best thing that  every happened to me. I studied my grd 10 in Kennedy  high which was a boarding school. the days  that i spent there  wer  full of  fun  and till  today i remember  every single moment i spend der fighting  with the guys of our class  , playing  pranks on each other ,having a hard  time  waking up early in the morning at 5.00 !!!!! man  wat   a  pain !!! "sigh"and going late  to morning exercises  and  getting  royale screwed  for that by  running 10 laps in  a  humongous   ground!!!! bunking math study hours and  sleepin off  in  dorms!!! studyinn late nites and sleepinn of   da next  day in da middle of exams  ..!!! :P ohhh and i  remember da  students  who  wer living in the hostel  wer not allowed to  have junk food  with dem so  wen ever we use  to go outta  da hostel  we  use to cum bak wit  piizaa  boxes  stuffed in  our  bag  of clothes lolol
!!.....and worst of all  is copyinnn  da  actions of teacherss..and   pillow  fights  with  friends  ohh man  wen  da week end  comes our girls   dorms   use to turn into  beauty parlourss mann lol... every day of  ours  lifes  was like  an  new adventure  full of funn.... :) but at  last  at the   end of the  day  we  use  to learn  sumthin new... and   ohh ya   we cried a lot  on our  farewell ...from one  side i  was  relli happy that  at last i was  done wit schooling life... but from another side it was  a lot of pain  to digest  that  the  people  who i  literally lived  wit  for  a  year  juz  like  a   family and itz  sweet  home  was  departing in a  few more  days... this  school and it teahcers so   equal  to parents   thought  me lotz  abt  life and it  importance and  its  moral  values..... and  so  would i  never  forget 2007- 2008   MY LIFE OF GRADE 10 .... :) :'( MISS IT  LOADS.... but  stiill   im so  glad  that  i lived 1 yr of my life in this  place,,... :)

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