Friday, February 19, 2010

myyyy sweeett bro ajay...

all  for one and  one for all. hes  my brother  and his  my friend   my wellwisher...what fun   we  the share and  every word  he say shows  his sweet love for me...... bro   ur the  best  ra... in my life  he has played  a major   role in   guiding me  and leadinn me  in the  right  path...... he z so weird  and funny  u never  gett to knoe  wen he  gets  angryy and  wen  funny lolo.. such a  weirdoo...  and  every  day  to play  around  wit himm  i need  to take his  beatings  as fees  looololl....  itz   so  fun wen  his  arounndd.... his  soo  practical and open  minded  toward  thought  of  life,,....  he  has  guided many people  and he has  a heart  of an angel.. lol  i get so  suprised seein his patience... hezz  an amazinn  dancer.. :) wit  a grt positive   attitude... :)...  and veryyy  sarcasticc.. :P  ,.. ur   rule  broo.. :) urr  bangaramm  :P lollol ..ohh  by   da  way  i love  messin around  wit  himm  ":P  but "sigh"  i end   up  gettinn  bashings!!!:P lolol

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  1. haha dats chooo chweet of yew ra Banda =) *smiles* I do alwayz luv u & care 4 u all da tym, as u r a spl sister 4 me :) bt try 2 control urself of not messing wit me all da tym coz I do hate myself 2 bash u & get rid of ur idiotic activities x( :( njoy ur lyf as u wish & do tak a spl care on ur future focus & neva eva forget dat der is 1 wierdo idiotic bro always der behind u 2 luk after yew & ready 2 bash u lyk hell even if u eva dreamt abt ny bad/useless decisions by ur own lol :P :D ;) luv ya :)